This Tower of Technology as I would call it is a ready to go, internally wired production studio in Gator Cases. All that is required is for the cases to be powered on and video signals to run to and from them.

Stacked neatly on top of each other the equipment consists of the following.

From the Top
Case 1
– 2 Aja Recorders with One Marshal Monitor
Case 2
– 2 BMD Hyperdeck Recorders with 2 BMD Smartview Monitors
Case 3
– 2 Intel i7 Windows Machines for CG and Skype Capability
Case 4
– 2 Intel i7 Windows Machines for CG and Skype Capability
Case 5
– 1 Intel i7 Windows Machines configured as a Caspar CG Playout System for live graphics, sots and media playback.
1 Evertz Mainframe with TimeCode, Audio Embed, Reference Generator and HD-SDI amplifier cards

Not pictured as part of the Kit is also an all encompassed BMD Switcher and BMD Video Router system with a BNC patch panel completely in one 8u Gator Case.

Part of the challenge working at ZoomerMedia was the occasional requirement to use our in-house equipment for outside location shoots on account of the number of outside events we would do. Particularly Moses Znaimers Annual ideaCity.

This meant that our entire control room facility needed to be dismantled, packaged in boxes and cases and re assembled at location. This often resulted in exhaustively long work hours within tight deadlines.

The idea to build an entire system wired up and ready to go with minimal assembly meant that our control room could be dismantled in less than half a day and setup at location in less than half a day. Considering everything is pre-wired, we could go into production with confidence knowing that the systems would perform in just the same reliable way as they would at our studio location.