The Zoomerlife Conference is a one-day event that brings the world’s leading thinkers together to discuss important topics in Canadians’ health, wellbeing and longevity.

Held at the Church of the Redeemer in Toronto, this production brought along its own set of logistical challenges. As technical director along with my co team members it was part of my duty to overcome these difficulties and layout a proper plan to setup a live shoot control room, with Cameras, Robotics and feeds to a projector and display monitors.

My role involved
•Planning and co-ordination with various production depts, dealers and suppliers.
•Budgeting, purchase and rental of additional production equipment.
•Co-ordination with power supply company for safe and adequate power needs.
•Planning and setup of the control room and stage visual design.
•Setup and connectivity of a multi-camera setup that involved professional ENG cameras, a jib and 3 Sony Robotic cameras.
•Setting up a reliable professional broadcast quality linecut and multi iso recording solution.
•Management and delegation of duty for smooth workflow during setup and strike of equipment.